she's a beauty this one.

Abigail Halliday.
She's a 23 year old woman
who currently lives and works in in London, England.

I am not Abigail. this is a fan tumblr for her. All photos used on this blog are copyrighted to the owner and/or photographer. I do not claim to own any of these photographs and they are only tagged with this URL to help prevent fakes of Abby using her pictures.
Anonymous :
why do people think she's dating harry styles ??

Because a fake profile of Abby started ‘dating’ a fake profile of Harry. Some serious catfishing is going down on the internet so stay safe everyone xo

Anonymous :
do you know what's going on between Abby and Diana Vickers?

As far as I know absolutely nothing? Care to elaborate ? xo

Anonymous :
Does she know one direction?

No she certainly does NOT xo

Anonymous :
How did she know Luke from Skins??????????

She was an extra in a couple episodes of skins, I’m assuming she met him then xo

url-is-too-mainstream :
youre cuteee...

I’m not Abby but I’m sure she’d be pleased to hear that xo

Anonymous :
What makeup products does she use?

You can check on the Abby’s Makeup page here xo

Anonymous :
what dress size is abby?

8 I think xo

Anonymous :
when Abi was born? 1989? 1990? or 1991?

1989 I think? She’ll be 24 in October xo

Anonymous :
why does she talk with an american accent? x

She doesn’t she’s got a British accent :) xo

Anonymous :
is abigail pregnant?

That’s a definite no. xo